4 sustainable (and stylish!) brands and where to shop them

Has your stance on fast fashion taken a green turn? 

You’re not the only one, with the demand for sustainable fashion and eco-consciousness rising among most generations as well as the big fashion players responding responsibly towards their social and environmental impacts. 

When it comes to the fashion industry, the facts really aren’t great. In 2018, it was responsible for 4% of the world’s global carbon emissions and in 2019 was the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply.

So when it comes to doing our part and curating and designing sustainable clothing that lasts, here are a few of our favourite brands. 

Latutti Label

Designed by our founder Jenni, Latutti is ethically manufactured, uses natural fibres and keeps away from toxic inks, (three key areas that most big fashion labels fail on when it comes to their operations.)

 printing process is completely water and waste free, and our printed pieces use Oeko Tex Eco Passport non-toxic inks so you can be assured the environmental impact is minimal. In addition, Latutti cut-offs are donated locally and our packaging is also biodegradable. 

Our Latutti Label model styles the Lisbon Playsuit in Bisque

Buy Latutti and you’ll help protect the planet and support our family-run business in Bali, as well as the local community around us.

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Noa Noa

The Scandi’s know how to do sustainability, and Noa Noa does better than most. With a strong stance against fur and an ethical approach to its workforce, buy a Noa Noa piece and find peace of mind knowing you haven’t contributed to the fastest fashion around.

The Structured Dress in Rosa print

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Latutti Swim

Ethically produced, sustainably printed and made from recycled materials - as well as the main range, the Latutti swim label is proudly eco friendly. See above for our environmental credentials.  

The Latutti Maldives Swimsuit
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Stitch and Hide

From responsibly-sourced tanners to great employee conditions and compostable packaging, Stitch and Hide are a brand we can really get behind when it comes to being eco-conscious.

Their leather is also eco-certified which means responsibly sourced and developed in tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group, the world's leading certification dedicated to improving the environmental impacts of leather production. 

Sustainable brand Stitch and Hide's Hally Leather Belt

Are you looking for environmentally-friendly clothing that lasts?

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