Latutti Label

Designed here in Australia Latutti Label focuses on a collections of Floaty Summer attire to a great Basics range that covers most seasons. All Collections are lovingly manufactured in Bali, because of continuing family ties there, we absolutely love to support a clothing factory that has strong health and safety ethics for their workers.

We are also fortunate enough to work closely with a progressive Printing Company which specialises in digital sublimation printing and also digital fabric printing on natural based fabrics.

This gives us beautiful prints without a negative impact to the environment.

Our latest label Latutti Swim is not only printed using Non Toxic Inks but the fabric is created from Recycled Plastic bottles, a real contribution to reducing our carbon footprint!

Being passionate about women discovering and embracing their true style and choosing what suits their particular lifestyle is a challenge that we never tire of🤗

For over a decade our Resort wear and relaxed lifestyle approach to contemporary fashion has enabled us to grow a loving tribe of fashion conscious women across Australia.

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